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Certificate Program in Yacht Design Lite

This course includes a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts in yacht and boat design and prepares students to become marine professionals. It should be mentioned that graduates of YDL may continue on to complete the full Westlawn Yacht Design Program.

Yacht Design Lite program can be especially useful for marine-industry managers, yacht and boat surveyors, industrial and interior designers, boat builders, and others simply looking for an expanded knowledge of job-related disciplines.

It involves a modified curriculum which gives students a working knowledge of design principles, hull dynamics and manufacturing technologies. For marine surveyors particularly, Yacht Design Lite is an invaluable tool that will both systematically expand their knowledge of boat design and construction and enhance their credentials. This course focuses on basic drafting processes and essential design principles—styling, aesthetics and space utilization—in the context of structure and hull dynamics to deliver a solid understanding of yacht design fundamentals.

The course involves the following featured subjects:
Introduction to Hydrostatics.
Here the characteristics and values pertaining to the underwater form of a boat are studied.

Teaches design implications of vessel weight, buoyancy, loading and external factors. Presented in two parts.

Principles of Resistance
Fluid characteristics and their relationship to hull form and propulsion.

Drawing of Hull Lines
The students will explore the elements and process of creating a working document that precisely defines a hull’s shape.

Interior Design
Defining and arranging interior spaces for maximum utility and comfort.

Fiberglass Boat Construction
The properties and capabilities of FRP materials, mold-making, lamination processes, coring, and stiffening are studied. The subject consists of two parts. On achieving a passing grade in each of eight separate assignments, the student is awarded a Certificate of Completion.