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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: rolling
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State: Connecticut
City: Mystic
Street: 75 Greenmanville Avenue
ZIP: CT 06355
Phone: (860) 572-7900
Certificate Program in Fuel Systems For Boats

This course provides students with detailed examination of the requirements for safe, reliable, and cost-effective fuel systems for boats.

The following topics will be covered in this course: Applicable standards; fuel-system piping and filter requirements; fuel-piping manifolds; anti-siphoning protection; access and fastening requirements; diesel-specific fuel piping considerations and day-tank piping; fuel-transfer pumps; return-oil coolers; fuel-line valves; calculating fuel consumption; calculating tank capacity and weight; specifying fuel hoses, hose clamps, and piping; tank fastening; considerations in tank location; protection against corrosion; restrictions and recommendations for location of openings in fuel tanks; tank vent requirements and installation; fuel fills; fuel take-offs; common problems related to spills at vents and fills; tank construction; choice and selection of tank materials; requirements and recommendations for baffles and baffle openings; fuel-tank labels; tank pressure tests; flexible bladder tanks.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of descriptive terminology used in boat construction. The students enrolled in this course are required to have reliable Internet access and e-mail.

This course consists of 5 lessons which the students can complete in about thirty-five hours of study.