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Serves: USA
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Missouri
City: Columbia
Street: 1001 Rogers St.
ZIP: 65216
Phone: (800) 231-2391
The Online Campus at Columbia College offers students an affordable and convenient option for earning their college degree. Founded in 1851, Columbia College prides itself on its ability to change with the times by offering educational programs that meet the needs of an ever-changing society. Nearly 16,000 students take at least one online course each year at Columbia College.

The College allows individuals to earn their degree at their own pace. It means they can start and stop their degree program whenever they wish, no matter what time of day or night it may be. Only they choose the time for this. But if a student needs to sit out for a session or more, then he can pick up right where he left off whenever he is ready to continue.

This College offers more than 500 accredited online classes and 19 accredited online degree programs. The academic alternatives are endless at Columbia College. All online instructors at Columbia College are the same experienced instructors who teach the traditional courses, and assure that all online students enjoy a quality educational experience.

Classes at the College are taught in eight-week sessions. It offers five sessions each year starting in January, March, June, August and October. Students will be well on their way to earning their college degree in no time!

All students will meet weekly assignment deadlines. But they are not required to meet the instructor or other students at a certain time online or in person. They can decide when and how often they study.

Columbia College Online allows its students to select from 19 accredited online degree programs and more than 500 accredited online classes offered each session. Whatever they're interested in, their academic options are plentiful at the College. Moreover, all of its online courses meet the same academic and accreditation standards as its in-seat or land-based courses and degree programs.

There are two main components online courses at Columbia College have. Those are the syllabus and the discussion forum. At the beginning of each session, students will receive a detailed syllabus for every class that covers in-depth the overall expectations for the course. The discussion forum is where the bulk of student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions take place. Instructors check the discussion and offer almost immediate feedback. The students also will benefit from the diverse perspectives and opinions offered from both the instructor, as well as fellow online students.


Justin K.
Best Education I could have gotten in Television Studies! I now work for Nielsen Media Research and I learned everything I needed to know about the industry from this school.

Tony Race
Columbia has many quality teachers who also maintain successful positions in their respective fields. Their up to date experience is very important in the fields that Columbia is known for. Columbia's campus is the city of Chicago which provides a more real world experience than the typical college campus.
Employers are always impressed with my Columbia Diploma.

Columbia is not a place to go if you want to be pulled pushed shoved and prodded into doing what is necessary to exceed in your field. While the teachers are generally inspiring and have high expectations, the school itself is not going to hold your hand through your degree. You. Have. To. Work. For. It. Most of the teachers are working professionals in the art that they teach, providing real-life experience and usually allowing students to get experience with them. It's general admissions policy may seem like a catch-all for the people who couldn't get in anywhere else, however, once you get there you have to work as hard or harder to stay. With most degree programs requiring a c+ or better average and at least half the classes requiring a B average to advance to higher level coursework, they aren't joking around.

If you want a "university" type arts-education, go somewhere else. If you want to be immersed in your art in one of the biggest and most diversely cultural cities in the country - then Columbia is for you.

Gerardo H.
The best thing about Columbia is the teaching staff, especially within the majors. The bulk of the teachers are professionals in whatever field they are teaching. I majored in theatre, and all of my teachers were somehow professionals in the field, actors, directors, designers, etc. I took two science classes there from actual scientists. My English Composition class was with a freelance writer. You get the idea. A few of the general education classes I took at Columbia were painful due to some of these less than bright students.
Overall, Columbia is a great school for a lot of the stuff in any specific major. I would highly suggest going to your local community college or state school for your general education classes (or at least most of them) then transferring into Columbia.

Robert L.
Taking film classes here could be very beneficial and possibly prove profitable down the road. I know someone who works in administration here and is very happy being a part of these students lives and their classes. Many students who have attended here have success in the film community or other aspects of the performing arts currently.

Programs offered by this school:
Associate of Science in Business Administration
Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Associate of Science in Environmental Studies
Associate of Science in Fire Service Administration
Associate of Science in Human Services
Associates Degree in General Studies
Bachelor of Arts in American Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration
Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Arts in Human Services
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelors Degree in General Studies
Courses in Abnormal Psychology
Courses in Advertising and Sales Promotion
Courses in American Government
Courses in American History
Courses in American Literature
Courses in American Military History
Courses in American Social Policy
Courses in American Social Problems
Courses in Art and Ideas
Courses in Art Appreciation
Courses in Auditing
Courses in Beginning Algebra
Courses in Business Communication
Courses in Business Ethics
Courses in Business Finance
Courses in Business Information Systems
Courses in Business Law
Courses in Business Math
Courses in Case Management
Courses in Chemistry
Courses in Christianity in the Modern World
Courses in Class, Status, and Power
Courses in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Courses in College Algebra
Courses in Community Based Corrections
Courses in Compensation and Benefit Systems
Courses in Comprehensive Financial Planning
Courses in Computer Networks and Communications
Courses in Consumer Behavior
Courses in Corporate Finance
Courses in Corrections and Penology
Courses in Criminal Investigations
Courses in Criminal Justice
Courses in Criminal Law
Courses in Criminal Procedures
Courses in Criminology
Courses in Crisis Intervention
Courses in Cross-Cultural Management
Courses in Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
Courses in Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems
Courses in Developmental English Composition Revised
Courses in Diagnostic and Corrective Reading
Courses in Digital Imaging
Courses in Disability Studies
Courses in Drug Abuse and Crime Control
Courses in Ecology
Courses in Educational Assessment and Evaluation
Courses in Educational Psychology
Courses in English Composition
Courses in Environmental Science
Courses in Ethics
Courses in Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice
Courses in Expert and Scientific Evidence
Courses in Exploring Research
Courses in Federal Income Tax
Courses in Financial Accounting
Courses in Financial Markets & Institutions
Courses in Finite Mathematics
Courses in General Anthropology
Courses in General Psychology
Courses in Global Marketing
Courses in Historiography
Courses in History and Systems of Psychology
Courses in History of Christianity
Courses in History of the American West
Courses in History of Western Civilization
Courses in Human Biology
Courses in Human Resources Management
Courses in Human Sexuality
Courses in Integrative Psychology
Courses in Intermediate Accounting
Courses in Intermediate Algebra
Courses in International Business
Courses in International Finance
Courses in International Relations
Courses in Introduction to Astronomy
Courses in Introduction to Business
Courses in Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration
Courses in Introduction to Geography
Courses in Introduction to Human Services
Courses in Introduction to Internet Technology and Electronic Commerce
Courses in Introduction to Speech
Courses in Introduction to Western Philosophy
Courses in Investments
Courses in Java Programming
Courses in Judicial Process
Courses in Labor Relations
Courses in Latin American Culture and Society
Courses in Law, Ethics and Education
Courses in Laws of Criminal Evidence
Courses in Learning and Cognition
Courses in Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Courses in Literature for Children and Adolescents
Courses in Macroeconomics
Courses in Management of Criminal Justice Agencies
Courses in Management Training
Courses in Managerial Accounting
Courses in Managerial and Cost Accounting
Courses in Marketing and Management
Courses in Marketing Research
Courses in Mental Health
Courses in Microeconomics
Courses in Minority Cultures and Relations
Courses in Modern China
Courses in Modern Japan
Courses in Music Appreciation
Courses in Music of the United States
Courses in Mythology and Folklore
Courses in Organizational Behavior
Courses in Organizational Theory
Courses in Organized Crime
Courses in Personal Financial Planning
Courses in Personality Theory
Courses in Physical Science
Courses in Police in a Democratic Society
Courses in Politics of Developing Nations
Courses in Principles of Biology
Courses in Principles of Management
Courses in Principles of Marketing
Courses in Principles of Real Estate
Courses in Private Security and Loss Prevention
Courses in Production and Operations Management
Courses in Programming
Courses in Public Relations
Courses in Reading Teacher Education
Courses in Religion and Human Experience
Courses in Research Design
Courses in Risk Management and Insurance
Courses in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Courses in Small Business
Courses in Small Business Management
Courses in Social Deviance
Courses in Social Psychology
Courses in Sociology
Courses in Sports and Event Marketing
Courses in Statistics
Courses in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Courses in Strategic Management
Courses in Strategies for Success in College
Courses in Substance Abuse
Courses in Systems Analysis and Design
Courses in The American Civil War
Courses in The Vietnam War
Courses in Twentieth Century Europe
Courses in Web Programming
Courses in Women's Studies
Courses in Workforce Planning and Employment
Courses in Working with Communities and Organizations
Courses in Working with Groups
Courses in Working with Individuals
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Master of Science in Teaching
Masters Degree in Business Administration