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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: March | April | May | June | July | August
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: New York
City: Syracuse
Street: 700 University Avenue
ZIP: 13244
Phone: (315) 443-9378
University College of Syracuse University provides academic programs and services to a varied, international community of part-time learners who search for change and empowerment via knowledge.

Admission to SU degree programs is based upon manifestation of earlier educational success or current academic and professional realization. Eligible students can apply anytime throughout the year. An interview with a University College educational counselor is necessary for all applicants to part-time study. A student cannot apply to University College and any other undergraduate division of Syracuse University at the same time. The common criteria for admission include:
    Graduation from high school or successful completion of the GED exam. If the applicant has taken college level work, then the student's performance will be evaluated to make sure that he/she is ready for study in a degree program.
    An applicant's volunteer work and working history are assessed to recognize not just the relationship to the student's academic and career objectives, but also how they demonstrate the person's managerial and leadership skills.
    An admissions essay by the applicant is utilized to show writing ability and to present information about objectives, interests, and ideals.
    The personal interview, certainly the most significant step in the process, offers the opportunity to individalize the application and establishes eligibility for admission.

If an applicant is unable to show educational success, that person will have to complete a minimum of six academic courses as a nonmatriculated student. After successful completion of these courses, the students will be considered for admission to his/her planned program of study.

Financial Aid
All students may qualify for financial assistance that embraces grants, scholarships, loans, and employment opportunities. The University College Financial Aid Office manages financial assistance for such student groups as:
1) Part-time undergraduate students who are admitted to an SU degree program via one of these programs:
Syracuse Course Programs
Distance Degree Programs
Higher Education Opportunity Program
Non-matriculated students
2) Part-time graduate students admitted via one of the following programs:
Distance Degree Programs
Non-matriculated graduates
Master's certificate programs

Every year Syracuse University develops Cost of Attendance information, measuring non-tuition expenses connected with attending the University. For planning intentions, please note that while education expenses represent real charges, all other things are based on a episodic survey of local costs. All higher education institutions have to provide this information to the U.S. Department of Education on annually.


Taylor Hunt
I graduate from Syracuse about 10 years ago. It was by far the best education experience I ever had. Great faculty and facilities then. I am sure it has improved a lot now.

Tim Alvarado
Syracuse University is an amazing school to attend especially if you're going into the field of Journalism or Business. The myriad of job offers waiting for juniors and seniors and even some sophomore is worth the 4 years here at SU. I would not trade my undergraduate experience at this school for any other institution. Syracuse University also is one of the most fashionable schools out there. Unfortunately the people in the surrounding city is flawed in attire also. But overall, like any other institution, SU is what you make of it.

Olivia Hogan
Syracuse University was a wonderful place in many ways, although like all colleges it had its challenges. Syracuse offers students any type of college experience they seek. An unmotivated student with low ambition can party through their 4 years and come out with a barely passing GPA. On the other hand, a motivate and bright student can get a stellar education. Students that show effort and ability, regardless of how hard the worked or didn't work in high school, can integrate quickly into supportive small school environments within their majors. The lack of competitiveness means that students wishing to pursue a good education really can get one without being inhibited by nasty antics of fellow students. No one tears pages out of reserve books as they might at more competitive institutions. As well, the university's professors are top caliber research prof. in their fields, making for abundant opportunity to find research assistantships on campus in your field of interest. There are "fluffy" classes, but this is too the advantage of tech motivated student. It is helpful to have one or two easy classes/ core requirements while you work hard in your chosen field. With a good GPA from Syr. you can get into any university in the country. I went on to grad school at Harvard. My husband went to Georgetown law. Neither of us were stellar high school students. Neither of us gave up our social lives to get there. Syr. was a good balance of academic prep. and social interaction. Every group of student exists on campus from the very popular and wealthy frat. kids to the granola-crunchy anachists to the religiously zealous. The university is large enough to try different social environments and and to change groups if one is not happy with their social situation.