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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Pennsylvania
City: Philadelphia
Street: 1801 N. Broad Street
ZIP: 19122
Phone: 215-204-7000
Temple University was founded as Temple College in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell and it became Temple University in 1907. This is a comprehensive public research university that offers students a variety of academic degree programs. As a leader in professional education, the University prepares the largest body of practitioners in Pennsylvania. We are among the nationís largest educators in the combined fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry and law.

We have also a large and robust study abroad program with campuses in Rome and Tokyo, programs in London, Beijing, Paris, Mumbai and other sites. Our talented faculty and broad curriculum of nearly 300 academic programs provide superior educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students, without regard to their status or station in life.

Our University serves students from all over the world. We maintain an international presence with campuses in Tokyo and Rome and programs in London, Beijing, and six other locations worldwide.

Temple seeks to create new knowledge that improves the human condition and uplifts the human spirit. Thatís why, we maintain our commitment to recruiting, retaining, and supporting outstanding faculty that prize diversity of thought, excel in scholarly endeavors, and support the aspirations of capable students.
The University also allows students to learn online as some classes are taught via computer-based delivery, using electronic mail, Listservs, and the World Wide Web. Others are taught via videoconference, linking students and instructors in two or more locations. Some classes use a combination of technologies. It is possible to earn some degree at the University.

To help students pursue personal and intellectual growth through international experiences, Temple University offers a scholarship intended to support the cost of passport fees for Temple undergraduate students who plan to study abroad.


M. Jachson
Overall, Temple University is great. I'm an accounting major at the Fox School of Business and can speak higher about the Fox School and the University as a whole. The teachers are great, the resources are even better, and overall academic experience is one I'd recommend.

The campus itself is actually very nice, now outside the campus is another story, but the campus itself it top notch.

Student are generally friendly and very diverse.

If you're an in state student, and aren't interested in Penn State, Temple is great, cheap alternative.

Mary Scott
Temple is really a great school, the campus has everything you need on it. There is so much to do on campus and off weekends and even weeknights. You're a train ride away from NYC, DC and even the beach! There is literally something for everyone. Temple is such a diverse group of students no matter who you are you'll fit in. And isn't that what college is about? Meeting new people you would normally never meet. The education is great, teachers are great. Also a very good school if you want to study abroad with schools in Rome and Japan

Jim Harrison
Temple is a great school with lots of opportunities.