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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: one term
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: California
City: San Jose
Street: 1 Washington Square
ZIP: 95192
Phone: (408) 283-7500
San Jose State University, commonly shortened to San Jose State and SJSU, is the founding campus of what became the California State University system. The local campus in San Jose, California has an enrollment of about 32,000 students. San Jose State was founded by the California Legislature in 1857. Firstly it was founded as the California State Normal School. In 1921, the school's name was changed to the State Teachers College at San Jose. Later in 1935, the name was changed to the California State Colleges. As a result, the school's name was changed again, this time to San Jose State College.

San Jose State University is part of the 23 campus California State University system. The San Jose campus eventually spawned 22 other campuses to establish the massive System as the largest university system in the country. The University now awards bachelorís and masterís degrees. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

San Jose State University powers the Silicon Valley, providing more engineering, science and business graduates to this high tech region than another college or university in the nation. Other popular programs include the visual and performing arts, teacher preparation, nursing, journalism, social sciences and social work.

Masterís degrees are awarded in 65 fields, including nursing, counselor education, business administration (MBA), public health, elementary education, engineering, English, art, creative writing, chemistry, marine sciences, economics, history, social work, and interdisciplinary studies. A Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) is also awarded. There are no doctoral programs. A certificate is available in gerontology. Bachelorís degrees are awarded in a number of different disciplines, including art and design, African-American studies, aviation, the sciences and humanities, meteorology, education, economics, engineering, environmental studies, industrial and systems engineering, nursing, recreation and leisure studies, social sciences, and theatre arts. Minors are also available in a number of programs.


Lloyd Pate
I believe that SJSU was a fantastic school. I was there to get my education and then triumph in my career goals. Teachers are very knowledgeable and great. Overall a good school!!

Monica Tucker
I can't believe I am reviewing my college! Ha! Ha!

I can't say anything bad about it....I graduated (many moons ago)! Yippeee! My education helped land me a great job and a lot of wonderful opportunities. I also met my husband here and made some of the greatest friends.

I seriously wish I could say I graduated from Berkeley or Stanford....but I didn''s just little SJSU but I got my diploma and that is all that matters to me!

Adam Garret
SJSU is what you make of it. I just accepted an appointment with a top accounting firm after completing its internship program this summer. There were students from every school, including UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of San Diego, and Santa Clara University. Despite the fact that my education cost less then a third the price of the other interns' education, I never felt intellectually inferior to them. And, as I said before, in the end I succeeded in securing the same job as the other candidates.

SJSU is what you make of it. And, at only $2,050 a semester, who can beat the price?


Hans Wilkins
Academically the school is okay,...clerically and administratively...not so good. I came; I conquered, and got on with my life. Thanks SJSU

Leena Mathis
I had some of the most wonderful professors here -- I enjoyed my English classes and even was a research assistant for my favorite professor. I also really appreciated the diversity in terms of students and perspectives - different ages, races, working status, on campus / off campus. You always got a unique view or perspective on something.

I have to say though that the administration for SJSU is the worst ever! No customer service skills, they lose everything, you can't hand anything in without following up, all they do is give you more paperwork, etc. etc. The one good thing about the horrible administration is that I learned so many valuable follow-up skills that apply to the real work environment.