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Serves: Worldwide
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Street: 430 S. Michigan Ave
ZIP: 60605
Phone: 312-341-3500
Roosevelt is an urban, independent university the major goals of which are student success, academic quality and social justice. The University focuses on the practical scholarship and principles of social justice expressed as ethical awareness, leadership development, economic progress and civic engagement. It encourages community partnerships and graduates responsible citizens of a global society.

Roosevelt offers programs and services which meet the students requirements. Flexible class schedules are also offered for the students’ convenience. They are able to attend courses from early morning until late at night. There are also classes on weekends. The Roosevelt faculty that exceeds  500 full-time and part-time members is always accessible to the students. An impressive number of the faculty publish books and articles, conduct important research, and perform in the world’s great concert halls. But first and foremost, Roosevelt professors are dedicated teachers who like teaching and are devoted to their profession.

Roosevelt University concentrates on traditional academic disciplines, out of which innovative interdisciplinary programs have developed. A Roosevelt education long has been characterized as being slightly ahead of the academic mainstream, and the new academic program which are offered today continue that tradition. Through a generous grant from the McCormick Tribune Foundation, Roosevelt now presents a fully online education, called RU Online, offered through the Evelyn T. Stone University College.

All Roosevelt University programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Kathleen Iverson
Designing and delivering online classes has made me a stronger teacher. Instead of relying on my platform skills to make a class exciting, I must instead rely on the design and virtual delivery. I must plan ahead, develop measurable objectives, create interesting course lectures and assignments, and most importantly, stay involved in the forums. As all who have taught online know, there is no room for coasting.

Monica Reilley
The learning experiences I have received in the TRDV program will help me to achieve my career goals. The instructors are very passionate about what they are teaching and they help students to be successful in the program. I strongly encourage others to apply to this program!

Anita Hoskot
After being away from Roosevelt for a few years, I decided to return in the Spring of 2007 to finish my bachelor's degree. Due to the nontraditional hours that I work, an online course was the only option for me that would fit in with my schedule. I had never taken one before, but am happy to say that I had a wonderful experience and will take another online class again. The convenience of it as well as not having to commit to going to the class was great. It is also a good way to learn self-discipline and the online discussion board was just as helpful as being in the classroom.

Nichole Jones
Due to family and work issues, taking an online course was very important to me. Having taken on campus courses and now online courses, I prefer the online method. Compared to an on-campus class, I did not have to worry about office hours to communicate with my professor. I found that sending an email was much more effective, and I was able to save the responses for later reference. The tools available to me, such as the online grade book and discussion boards were extremely helpful. I did not have to worry about reading a physical blackboard and taking a bunch of notes, as the data I needed was always available.

Jon Baker
The quality of interaction was terrific because there was no pretense. Everyone seemed to feel free to express themselves. I've learned a lot not only from the instructor but from the students as well. I feel the discussion boards are great, they give everyone an opportunity to express themselves.

Sharon Wilson
I like the fact that not only did you get an instructor's input you would also get input from your classmates (who possibly were currently in the field, life experience, knew someone, knew a link, or an example, etc.) Why settle with one answer/idea/suggestion when you could have several (now how often did you get this in a face-to-face course)?