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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Michigan
City: Rochester
Street: 2200 N Squirrel Rd.
ZIP: 48309-4401
Phone: (248) 370-2100
Oakland University is a public university located in Rochester, Michigan.

It is a state-assisted institution of approximately 17,000 students that offers a diverse set of academic programs from baccalaureate to doctoral levels. The main academic units of the university are the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Health & Human Services, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, the School of Health Sciences, and the School of Nursing.

Additionally, OU's Honors College provides highly motivated and gifted students an intellectually stimulating community. The university also offers numerous opportunities for study abroad. Oakland University offers more than 120 baccalaureate degree programs and approximately 100 professional certificate and graduate degree programs (M.A., M.S., and Ph.D.). OU also supports a number of major research centers and institutes, as part of its research mission. They are: Center for Biomedical Research, the Fastening and Joining Research Institute, the Center for Robotics and Advanced Automation, and the renowned Eye Research Institute.

OU has established partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, school systems, health care organizations and more. Graduate students work side-by-side with faculty and industry leaders to research practical answers to complex problems. Internship and co-op possibilities also put classroom theory into practice. Graduate students have access to free career counseling and other services to help them succeed.

Oakland University delivers a distinctive undergraduate education complemented by the strength of its graduate offerings and research accomplishments. The Oakland experience takes undergraduates beyond the classroom as they work alongside inspired faculty and community mentors in the laboratory, field or workplace. Students enjoy small classes, countless research, cultural and social opportunities, and a high rate of job placement after graduation. Through "Innovation and Opportunity--The Campaign for OU," Oakland is advancing to greater heights and achievements that transform lives and improve society.


Randy Steveson
New medical hospital by 2010-2011 making it Michigan's 3rd med school! Great campus, great people, great schools. GO OAKLAND!

Shawn Myler
I was working full time while going to school but didn't have a degree. Getting my OU degree was a GREAT thing, now I have more job security.

Tom Paille
I had a very positive experience at OU. Don't listen to the negative reviews, those were made by students who attended Oakland 7-8 years ago. A lot has changed. There are 18,000+ students and about 14,200+ undergrads, making it a medium/large school. Like most big universities, not all stay on campus, but it is a little more on the "commuter" side. About 1,900 students live on campus which you would see at other large commuter schools, or small/medium residential universities. Basically you have a big school with a smaller school atmosphere.

For those who live on campus, social life will not be a problem. For those who don't, if you don't work 24/7 and you want to get a little bit of a college experience stick around for the different events or come to the basketball games and baseball games. You are bound to meet people if you make an initiative to actually becoming involved.

I liked the campus a lot, it is very scenic and homey. The winters are cold, but we do live in Michigan. You can basically get everyone on campus within a ten minute walk, but everyone is allowed to have a car, which you will really only need if you don't live at Oakland.

I don't mind the classes, but they are a tad bit difficult in some areas and the professors aren't the greatest in some classes, but you have to expect that in all big schools.

Overall, Oakland is a growing school and they also are looking into making more residence halls. They predict OU to have 25,000 students by 2020. So I can definitely see the population going up by about 900 students every year to make OU into a major university.