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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Quarterly
Financial Aid: No
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Michigan
City: Midland
Street: 4000 Whiting Drive
ZIP: 48640
Phone: 800-445-5873
Northwood University equips students with an edge in business and in life. From our exclusive education and free market philosophy to our intense dedication to building character, instilling ethics and integrity, and building outcomes, the Northwood experience will last a lifetime.

If you have a busy life, that doesnít mean you shouldnít be able to earn your degree. The matter is the Northwood University online program offers an anywhere, anytime method for earning the degree that can help you get more out of life. And for once, itís all built around your schedule.

Our program is nationally recognized and regionally accredited, but what really makes a Northwood Online degree unique is the personal attention we give each student and our on campus instructors who bring real life experience to each course.

An online degree from Northwood University is more than just an education, itís an investment in your future. As a Northwood graduate, you will join an elite alumnus who have earned promotions, fulfilled new career opportunities, entered graduate school, and become entrepreneurs after completing the bachelor of business administration degree through our online program.

Online courses meet 12 weeks for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Summer term is six weeks in length. All ASM online courses are six weeks in length.

Course Confirmation
After your registration is received, you will get a course confirmation. Upon receipt of your course confirmation, you may order your textbooks. Textbooks are ordered through MBS Direct.


Jared Bryden
Northwood is a great school for students that are willing to work hard to get into the industry. Northwood has great connections and programs that are impossible to have access to at other schools.

Small classrooms lead to great relationships with teachers. Eventually, these teachers will lead to job offerings and recommendations.

The facilities are the best in the area.

Northwood offers a lot of private scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. There are various requirements and not all of them are related to GPA.

Lara Prestwood
I love Northwood!! Everyone is so friendly and the professors are willing to do anything to ensure your success. I'm a fashion marketing/management major and I love every minute of it! I'm interning with Prada this summer thanks to my connections from NU and I've spent two weeks in London and Paris on the study abroad mini learning about fashion promotions in school ever if you take advantage of all it has to offer.

Claude Stearn
I am writing this review for all those perspective students thinking of enrolling in Northwood's Online Degree Program. Working full-time I find it very difficult to attend traditional classes on a regular basis. The online program is excellent, in my subjective opinion, and gives each student an affordable and full-filling experience.

The only objection I have of the program is that some of the professors seem to be too busy to effectively teach online courses. This is the exception, not the rule. For example, some of my emails (regarding course material), would not be answered for a week or more. This can be an issue, especially when taking online courses.

Overall, Northwood is a great school and is dedicated to the enrichment and development of each student. The quality of the education is worth so much more than the tuition fees. If you are still thinking of attending, please take my review into consideration - honestly though, you won't be disappointed if you go with Northwood.

Don Haubert
Northwood is AMAZING...Northwood allows students to take part in opportunities that kids at other schools only dream about. NU gives you a global diverse look at today's business world. The small size is what makes it so great. You don't feel like a number. The extracurricular you won't be able to find at other schools. My advice to prospective students: Take every opportunity that is given to you and NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!

This program has been great, I have changed jobs three, or four times in two years and I am still not satisfied. So I consistently do what ever it takes to gain the approval of my professors; this ensures I get special treatment and letters of recommendation. I would highly recommend taking them to lunch and dinner as often as possible and of course call them on the phone when ever you think of a question. The program highly rewards those who mollycoddle the professors. If you choose to do so, you will get far in this program. In addition, the professors will ensure you get a top billing when ever possible or necessary. In fact, I believe this is exactly how it works in the real world which is why I am so good and have done so well.