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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Kentucky
City: Morehead
Street: 150 University Blvd
ZIP: 40351
Phone: 1.800.585.6781
The University began as Morehead Normal School, which opened its doors in 1887. The private school closed in the spring of 1922 when the Kentucky General Assembly established Morehead State Normal School. The state institution accepted its first students in the fall of 1923 and graduated its first class in 1927. It was renamed several times: in 1926 as Morehead State Normal School and Teachers College, in 1930 as Morehead State Teachers College, in 1948 as Morehead State College, in 1968 as Morehead State University.

MSU is organized into the following colleges:
- Caudill College of Humanities
- College of Business
- College of Education
- College of Science and Technology

Morehead State was the first institution in Kentucky to offer a complete degree program, the Master of Business Administration (MBA), online. The University has erected a space tracking system in partnership with NASA as the first component of the Space Science Center.

Financial Aid
There are several types of financial aid available. Grants and scholarships are considered "gift aid" because they generally do not have to be repaid. Loans and employment are considered "self-help aid" because loans have to be repaid and by working you earn money for educational expenses. Most grants, some loans (Subsidized Stafford and the Perkins Loan), and Federal Student Employment are need-based financial aid programs. The Unsubsidized Stafford and the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) are considered non-need-based. Scholarships can be based upon merit, financial need or both.

There are four main sources of financial aid. These include the federal government, the state government, the institution and private entities. The federal government is by the far the largest source of financial aid.


Darren Cook
The MSU (Morehead State University) Online MBA is accredited by the AACSB association. Which is the highest level of accreditation that only 30% of the worlds business schools have. The MBA is challenging and more importantly valid in the work place! I was really excited about paying Kentucky's in-state tuition rates on my MBA courses it saved me thousands! Thank you Morehead State University for offering an AACSB accredited MBA online! It was a great and makes for an excellent professional credential!

Lance Morgan
I like it here, although the social life isn't that great, there are nice people here and I have a lot of friends.

Frank Morris
I went to MSU my freshman year and played on the football team, then transferred to another program (WKU) my sophomore season. At the time I would think there wasnít a whole lot to do at MSU and I would be bored at times during the off-season. That simply wasnít true when I look back on it. I met different people from different walks of life, not just on the football team or other sports, but students especially North of Kentucky. The campus around ADUC and academic buildings is beautiful for such a small university, there could be more put into the areas around Wilson Hall and the main dormitory towers as far as beautification.

It's a small town and outside of the city limits of Morehead itís generally poor economically. Off-campus job opportunities would probably be found mostly in fast-food industry.

Some people may complain about the poor social life, but thatís probably spoken from one who didnít seek it. A lot of students come in together in groups from High School from parts of Eastern and Northern Kentucky or Southern and Central Ohio. Pending on the time of year, it was a suitcase school for most.

Itís isolated but not so much that you canít get what you need in high-end products and services. With Lexington just down the road and Huntington WV you can find what you need.

If I could go back, I would've continued all four years there.