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State: Texas
City: Longview
Street: 2100 S Mobberly Avenue
ZIP: 75602
Phone: 800-759-8811
LeTourneau University is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian university of nearly 4,000 students. Academic majors include the aeronautical sciences, business, education, engineering, engineering technology, the liberal arts and natural sciences.

LeTourneau is a national university, drawing a majority of student body from across the country. LETU students represent almost all 50 states, approximately 25 foreign countries, and more than 47 different denominational groups. This diversity makes for a rich educational experience.

LETU students benefit from outstanding faculty, small classes and hands-on learning opportunities in an environment that develops leadership from a Christian perspective. LETU is known for graduating students who exhibit a strong work ethic, character and immediate effectiveness in the marketplace.  The placement rate of 94 percent over the past three years is evidence of the high demand for LETU graduates.

Distance Learning
As one of the nation's pioneers in offering online courses and degree programs, University tools (such as Blackboard) support that initiative. In addition, distance learning students get the support of instructors and fellow students who provide the guidance and feedback any student needs. Further, Graduate and Professional Studies students, such as those pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, enjoy the freedom to attend classes at one of six Texas campuses so they can combine online endeavors with traditional classroom experiences.


Michelle Nall
When I first started the online BBA at LeTourneau, I was rather nervous about the devotional discussions forums. Not coming from a family with a b, faithful, Christian background (I've never really opened the Bible much until starting school again and didn't go to church until after I was married), I was afraid I wasn't going to be very comfortable at my posts and responses. And at first I was nervous but as more time went by, I could feel Him with me when I sat down to type. Now I really don't worry much about what I say because I know it comes from the heart and Christ is with me. We all may have a different perspective to what each devotional means to them but they all have a center of focus and it is God and His love for us. As you do, I find it very inspiring and love to see how differently God's love speaks through each and everyone of us!

Rachel Roberts
I have waited for this opportunity my whole life and I am so glad that I will be doing it at LeTourneau.

Will Johnson
Good hard school - I don't really have anything to compare it to besides my public high school...and its light years better than that experience.

Morris Clayton
LeTourneau University did an outstanding job of preparing me for the real world of teaching.