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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Illinois
City: Skokie
Street: 3420 Main Street
ZIP: 60076
Phone: (847) 679-3135
Knowledge Systems Institute (KSI) is a fully accredited graduate school of computer and information sciences. A provider of graduate education for over 20 years, KSI offers a Master's program in Computer and Information Systems as well an extensive certificate programs that allows students to acquire training more quickly in a more focused specialty.

KSI offers online courses for students living out of state and for local students unable to attend on-site classes. This option is available both to students in the Master's program and also to those acquiring a certificate. KSI online program has the same demanding standards, content and requirements as the onsite program. Experience has shown that this option is best suited to well-motivated students who are able to study independently.

Applicants will note that tuition is very affordable. Once admitted, they will find small classes and a friendly, casual atmosphere. Thus students enjoy personal attention in classes with a favorable student-to-faculty ratio. The fulltime faculty all hold Ph.D. degrees, and KSI adjunct instructors have advanced degrees as well.

The founders of Knowledge Systems Institute sought to create a private, not-for-profit facility that would allow small numbers of students to acquire professional training and thereby extend progress in the field of Information Technology.

Financial Aid

KSI is certified by the Department of Education to participate in the Title IV student financial assistance program. The school offers College Work Study (CWS) and Stafford Loans. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen. Application materials are available from the Administration Office.

- Low tuition rates with quality competitive curriculum;
- Practical Web-based learning combines academic knowledge with solid programming and database skills and hands-on experience;
- Innovative multi-media delivery of courses online combined with instructor interaction;
- Online courses that fit students busy schedule and allow students to study in the comfort of their home or office;
- Knowledge and skill enhancement in most sought-after IT skills;
- Faster learning with one-on-one tutorial support from faculty;
- Responsive personal attention from dedicated faculty with low student-to-faculty ratio.


John Menke
Now that I have completed my work at KSI, I must say that attending online has been a great experience for me. I found the coursework to be relevant and the instructors to be knowledgeable. Several examples stand out: First, I was able to participate in a group project with Dr. Chang that involved the deployment of bug tracking system, I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Dr. Chang and his staff. Next, I worked with professor C.Y. in CIS509 where he encouraged my use of new Java technology -- Drools. My knowledge of Drools ended up being directly applicable to my job. Most recenly, I was able to further my knowledge of software modelling under the guidance of Dr. Chang. The research I performed for my thesis is going form the basis for the next phase in my journey towards being a better software developer.

Other courses in the curriculum have helped me in my career; one helped me finish up my Oracle DBA certification, and another taught by Professor Thulin opened up my eyes to the technology underlying regular expressions; something that helped me in my recent work with ANTLR. I fully expect to be drawing off what I have learned at KSI for some time.

KSI met or exceeded my expectations, I would recommend the school to anyone with the desire to improve.