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Serves: USA
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State: Massachusetts
City: Wellesley Hills
Street: 326 Washington Street Annex
ZIP: 02481
Phone: 1-888-354-HEAL (4325)
Since 1977, comprehensive Whole Health programs of the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) have been redefining holistic health education for 31 years. Whole Health professionals educate, coach or facilitate lifestyle changes to improve the health and well-being of their clients, as well as demystify the science of health and disease.

Education Quality 
Learn with nationally recognized integrative health, nutrition and medical experts. Our dynamic DVD curriculums, filmed at renowned Boston area hospitals and medical schools, integrate medical science with natural health care and holistic concepts.

This outstanding integrative health training is provided through our unique DVD distance learning format, with optional in person workshops, presentations and guest lectures at NIWH and network medical schools, colleges and hospitals.

Our Graduates 
All our graduates are automatically accepted and enrolled as Select Providers in the country's largest Integrative Whole Health provider network which serves Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana and other major national insurance providers and insurance networks.

Distance Education 
Distance Education programs are self-directed and offer continuing education credits for health care professionals. Our evidenced-based curriculums incorporate traditional medical sciences with holistic and natural health care principles.

All required books, texts and professionally produced DVDs are provided with each course along with our beautifully bound evidence-based course work and research materials.

Each distance education program includes the option of attending in-person workshops, presentations and guest lectures presented by NIWH faculty, nationally renowned physicians, health and nutrition experts.

Individuals attracted to Whole Health training understand that educating and caring for the whole person is what individuals are seeking from today's health and wellness professionals, as well as what is being mandated by national medical and health care regulatory organizations as essential to providing quality health care.

The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) is an Accredited Provider of Professional Continuing Education and Development programs, endorsed and approved by leading national health care organizations.


Bernie Siegel
I applaud the compassionate work of NIWH, which offers Integrative Whole Health and whole person focused training for health care professionals who desire to provide relationship-centered health care, while facilitating health education to empower the patient and support shared decision making.

Larry Womack
As a physician, I find the curriculum and knowledge I received from the NIWH Whole Health Educator program more complete than any other program I have previously taken. The experience of attending the program was one of the most rewarding and enlightening trainings of my life. The curriculum was thorough and challenging and it will certainly change the lives of my patients as well as make my practice more rewarding and more profitable. The money invested in this program was money very well spent! Thank you NIWH, for the wonderful experience of the Whole Health Education program.

Marco De LaCruz
Having a Whole Health Educator on site is pivotal in creating a true, integrated health center for several reasons: first, there has been an increased demand for alternative healthcare among patients for the last several years. Second, given the training received, the Whole Health Educator has the time and skills to provide patients with information that the physician's schedule does not allow for. Finally, so much of integrated medicine is about educating patients on the big picture of health and disease.

Caroline Atkinson
As a constant seeker of the 'big picture, I especially appreciate your grand work of integration. The tapes lay a foundation for understanding holism and for growing compassion for self and others. The dynamic presentation style in the tape format makes the material easily accessible and understandable...and we look forward to it being available to a wider nursing audience.