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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Quarterly
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Vermont
City: Montpelier
Street: 56 College Street
ZIP: 05602
Phone: (802) 223-6324
New England Culinary Institute (NECI) is a private, co-educational school that offers the education and real life experience needed to succeed in the fast-developing food and beverage industry. The Institute offers all students one or more 6-month rewarded internships at some of the best restaurants, resorts and corporations all over the world. Degree programs are available in the fields of culinary arts, baking and pastry and hospitality and restaurant management.

The Admissions staff at NECI is here to lead you through the plain yet essential process that initiates your journey in the exciting food and beverage industry.

To be considered for acceptance at NECI, you should:
    Complete an application (included in the application is a required essay)
    Fill out the Online Learning Assessment
    Request transcripts from your high school

When your application is received, it will be assessed and an admissions representative will contact you within two weeks. He or She will lead you through the enrollment process.

Financial Aid
When you are accepted at NECI, there are some simple steps you should take that start the process.
1.    Complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid after January 1st of the year you are going to attend and request a PIN number.
It takes FASFA a few weeks to process this information and make it accessible to our office. As we get it, we can aid to establish the greatest way to help you obtain scholarships, loans and other sources to finance your education.
2.    Apply for state grants. Various states have need based grants obtainable and a lot of them let students take these grants to any school they want to attend.
3.    Apply for a student loan. If you require student loans to cover your remaining balance after federal grants, the Federal Stafford loan, state grants and scholarships, there are many alternatives offered.
4.    Search for outside scholarships. A lot of local businesses, employers, companies and nonprofits provide need and merit based scholarships.

As you are accepted at NECI, you will have a Student Financial Aid File - there you can confirm the status of your financial assistance. You may observe the progress of your file till it is completed and your education is financed.

If you are not going to apply for federal assistance you must inform the NECI financial planner to prove your payment plans.


Michael Jennings
Whenever I managed to pass another year of college, it seemed that I would end up at the NECI fine dining restaurant. It only seemed appropriate to celebrate with students who were also paving there way. Every time I've been was excellent. Very very very good meals. I can't ever remember a steak over-cooked or a plate not warm to the touch. I always felt as if they took pride in the details here. I remember creative dishes that were well balanced. If you are looking for an excellent restaurant for a special occasion, you should try this place. The one thing that I might mention (that doesn't bother me) that might bother some is that the dishes are not large, nor are they meant to be. Order an appetizer and desert if you are looking for bigger portions, or just try the Wayside just out of town.

Lindley Erickson
For my 300th review, I thought I might pay tribute to the school responsible for educating me in the ways of the mother sauces, the primals and table service, not to mention chocolate, pastry, buttercream, coffee, croissant, danish, bread, garde manger, sausage, and tallow carving

NECI is the unsung hero of culinary schools. Perhaps because it is based in distant Vermont, not many are familiar with it outside of New England. The school itself is housed in two campuses - one in Montpelier (pronounced "mon-PEE-lee-yur" not "mon-pel-yay") and the other in Essex Junction. I did something odd - I attended both campuses over the period I was in school there, and I received a great hybrid education from both.

Unlike some culinary schools, almost every outlet at NECI is open to the public, except for the cafeterias for the students, which are staffed by first year students who are usually pretty inept in the kitchen. Imagine Hell's Kitchen. Now imagine those same people working in a cafeteria. Bound to be, uh, challenging.

In Montpelier there's a bakery, a fine dining restaurant, and a grill/bar. Students who work these restaurants are basically experiencing trial by fire. I was at school for only a few weeks when I started working at the restaurants for $5/hour (in 1995 dollars). By the time I graduated, I had the opportunity to run the dining room at the Inn at Essex on Sunday nights. Good times.

NECI really was great for a hands-on experience. Nothing I made went to waste, and every waking minute of every day was spent either in the kitchen or studying some sauce or another. Not one to burn the candle on both ends, I made the best of my time there, and took advantage of all the school had to offer. I interned with cheesemakers, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. I learned a lot and had a pretty interesting time. Alton Brown was my classmate and later, after NECI, I appeared on his show (along with a number of other NECI graduates and faculty). I wouldn't have had that opportunity had I gone to J&W or CIA.

One advantage of NECI's location is proximity to Montreal. WIth that great city so close by, a student attending NECI would be remiss to fail to visit.

I have head that NECI has changed quite a bit since I was a student. The average age per student is declining, some of the restaurants have closed (NECI commons in Burlington, I have heard). But it is still a great place to be education. You just might need to be a little younger than I was when I entered (26 - which seems so young to me now!).