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Serves: USA
Enrollment: Several terms
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: California
City: Monterey Park
Street: 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
ZIP: 91754-6099
Phone: (323) 265-8650
East Los Angeles College is the largest community college in the Los Angeles Community College District. ELAC offers its services to the 14 local communities. The College award associate’s level degrees to students who wish to continue their study in a four-year university or college or who plan to find direct employment. ELAC students often transfer to California State University, Los Angeles, or to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

ELAC offers a variety of online courses to its students, in order to provide them with the flexible and convenient class options. Students may register using their blackboard account and complete all online courses without any campus residence.

There are currently two degrees offered entirely online:
• AA degree in General Studies with Arts & Humanities emphasis
• AA degree General Studies with Social & Behavioral Sciences emphasis

The Associate of Arts in General Studies curriculum offers students a broad-based general education, which lays the foundation for further study in the specialized area of their choice.

Financial Aid
Through its Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, East Los Angeles College offers great number of financial aid opportunities to its students. The types of aid include federal and state programs, grants, scholarship, loans, and work/study programs.


Cruz Perry
I was a rotten high school student. I hated just about everything at my high school. My GPA was below 2.0 Even though my Iowa and other academic test scores were high my counselor said I was too stupid to go to college and refused to allow me to take the SAT test.

Then I went to ELAC and got mostly A's. I even got an A in Chemistry! All of my professors at ELAC had Ph.D's. My classes had less than 35 and all my professors knew who I was!

I LOVED ELAC--I loved my teachers; my classes; my fellow students--especially those cute older (ie. 20 something) guys in my classes. The "kids" there were kind and friendly. I looked forward to going to school and I LEARNED so much there.

My teachers were caring and enthusiastic.

Thanks to ELAC I was able to transfer to UCLA as a junior with a stellar GPA! Plus it was inexpensive.

I am proud to be an ELAC alumni!

Daisy Butler
I did most of my general education classes online here. It was easy, convenient and affordable. Now I have my degree and work as a nurse but luckily they allowed a stay at home mom to get classes done at all hours of the night.

Cristina Diaz
Friendly staff that know you personally and greet you evey time you come in and leave the building. Teachers and staff make you feel welcome and confident that your child is in good hands with loving and caring teachers. Teachers are always available to hear any concerns you have and are open to input in regards to your child's development skills.