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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburgh
Street: Woodland Road
ZIP: 15232
Phone: (412) 365-1100
Chatham University is an American liberal arts women's college with coeducational graduate programs located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The University prepares its students, bachelors through doctoral level, on campus and around the world, to excel in their professions and to be engaged, environmentally responsible, globally conscious, life-long learners, and citizen leaders for democracy.

This is a private, selective, fully accredited, nonsectarian institution, consisting of three distinct Colleges:
•  Chatham College for Women, that offers baccalaureate degrees to women only;
•  College for Graduate Studies, that offers master's and doctoral degrees and teacher certification to both women and men;
•  College for Continuing and Professional Studies, that offers undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education online to both women and men.

Chatham College for Women offers superb career preparation informed by the liberal arts. Chatham College for Graduate Studies and Chatham College for Continuing and Professional Studies provide men and women with undergraduate, graduate, professional, and continuing education of the highest quality with primary emphasis on preparation for work and the professions.

The University grants degrees including certificates, bachelor, master, first-professional, and doctoral. In 2005 the University expanded its programs to include online degrees through the School of Continuing Education.

Students are provided here with a solid education built upon strong academics, public leadership and global perception. Chatham’s 35-acre arboretum campus is located on historic Woodland Road in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood.


I chose Chatham for its global perspective, commitment to environmental issues, emphasis on community service, and long history of educating smart, successful women. I think the school is best suited to students whose own ideals are compatible with these.
Chatham provided me the opportunity to study abroad in 3 countries, take classes (in an obscure language) at the University of Pittsburgh for free, attend a national leadership conference, and expand my knowledge base and worldview like never before. My professors and I built close friendships as well as academic relationships - this is not a place you will fall through the cracks unless you make it so!

Ryan Z.
I have three courses yet to complete my online Master's Professional Writing degree. Overall, I found the faculty to be top-notch. Most are adjunct professors. Moreover, most professors are professional journalists and writers with many years of experience writing for national publications (like Newsweek and The Economist). As a result, they bring practical insight into what an editor is looking for, as well as providing helpful career advice. The program also explores digital media and web design/development to help writers engage their target audience(s) more effectively, and to stay on top of current and future trends in writing. It is also great to take online education at a REAL university with a good reputation.

Doug Cicero
The OTD program at Chatham was rigorous, but well worth it! I graduated from OT school just 10 years ago and boy have things changed in the field. Working full time, I was able to immediately use and practice things that I learned while studying the night before. The OTD program at Chatham provided me with the much needed flexibility to study and "attend" courses on my own schedule, (which was often after the kids were off to bed). The teachers there are rock solid, and leaders in their respective fields. I highly recommend the OTD program at Chatham, they are developing future leaders in the field of OT!


I love that I do not need to be in a classroom at a particular time, on a particular day. I can go home, eat, rest a bit and then log on to do my coursework. I can ‘go to class’ on the weekend, or anytime, even at 2 a.m. I am looking forward to the summer; I will be able to sit on my deck in the evening with my laptop and wireless Internet to connect to class. It is also convenient if you have to travel for work or just for fun! I had to travel to a conference for work that lasted a week and I could take my laptop and continue to do my coursework. I never have to worry about missing class.