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Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Vermont
City: Burlington
Street: 212 Battery Street
ZIP: 05402-0670
Phone: (888) 545-3459
Champlain College is a private, coeducational college located in Burlington, Vermont. It offers professionally focused programs that incorporate an interdisciplinary core curriculum. In addition to its main campus, the College maintains study-abroad campuses in Montreal and Dublin, a satellite campus in Mumbai. Eighty percent of students are from out of state.

The main mission of Champlain College is to offer a career-focused education that leads to real opportunities. The College pioneered and perfected online programs, providing working adults with the curriculum and the flexibility to pursue personal or career advancement—even on the busiest of schedules. Moreover, this College cultivates an academic environment that is responsive to the changing needs of the modern workplace.

Workforce Development Center can customize specific courses or programs to meet students' needs—even teach classes right at their place of work.

Of course, with many certificate and degree programs offered completely online, campus is wherever students make it—virtually anywhere in the world!

At the Champlain College Division of Continuing Professional Studies, the staff work hard to develop a great sense of community—even for our exclusively online students.

The curriculum is developed with input from local business leaders who know what it takes to succeed in today's marketplace...and courses are taught by a practitioner faculty, instructors who know the business from experience and who take the time to give students personal attention. And because class enrollment is limited to 15 to 20 students, there’s great interaction not only with classmates, but also with instructor.

The online community remains strong and close knit. As a member, students can communicate with their instructors and classmates via easy-to-navigate forums and e-mail.

Champlain issues bachelor's degrees in over 30 diverse fields of study, ranging from Computer & Digital Forensics to Radiography. Some of the most popular undergraduate programs include Business, Graphic Design, and Electronic Game Programming.


Chris V.
Enrolling at Champlain College was one of the best decisions I could have made. Classes are kept small, so you get to know your professors and classmates well. The convenience of online classes makes it perfect for full-time workers who still want to get a great education. This is one of the top ranked online schools in the country, what more can you say?

The quality of education at Champlain is an A+. Some classes didn't challenge me very much but those were the entry level courses to prepare you for the more advanced stuff later on. I felt that most of the classes had plenty of assignments and projects for you to show what you had learned.

Niko N.
Champlain College touts itself as an institution that prepares its students for immediate employment after graduation. It boasts an over 95% employment rate within six months of graduation. Also, the school is wonderfully flexible with non-traditional students who already have full-time jobs. I was one of those non-traditional students.

Champlain offers an extensive array of traditional day, night, and online courses. These multiple options were integral in making it possible for me to attend full-time while maintaining a full-time day job.

S. S.
Champlain College has a wonderful online education program. It is perfect for an adult who would like to continue their education. You easily fit your classwork around your work schedule. I attended college, after high school, and found the scheduled class times often created conflict. Either two classes that I needed to take were scheduled at the same time or the time I need to take the class was not available. When you attend classes on line, time schedules are not a problem. You have access to professors through e-mail and you upload and download instructions and assignments. In addition, you do have contact with other classmates through online class discussions. This type of education process should work for anyone and it is worth the time and discipline.

Programs offered by this school:
Associate of Science in Accounting
Associate of Science in Business Management
Associate of Science in Health Informatics
Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies
Associate of Science in Professional Studies
Associate of Science in Software Development
Associate of Science in Web Site Development and Administration
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Bachelor of Science in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Network Security
Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies
Bachelor of Science in Software Development
Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development
Certificate Program in Accounting
Certificate Program in Advanced Accounting
Certificate Program in C++
Certificate Program in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations
Certificate Program in Computer Networking
Certificate Program in Data Coding & Classification
Certificate Program in Data Systems & Technology
Certificate Program in Financial Accounting
Certificate Program in Forensic Accountancy
Certificate Program in Healthcare Management
Certificate Program in Human Resources Management
Certificate Program in Internet Marketing
Certificate Program in Java Development
Certificate Program in Linux Operating Systems
Certificate Program in Management
Certificate Program in Managerial Accounting
Certificate Program in Network Security
Certificate Program in Network Technology
Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies
Certificate Program in Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Certificate Program in Software Development
Certificate Program in Web Design and Development
Certificate Program in Web Programming
Certificate Program in Web Specialty
Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Media
Master of Science in Digital Investigation Management
Master of Science in Healthcare Management
Master of Science in Law
Master of Science in Managing Innovation & IT
Master of Science in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies
Masters Degree in Business Administration