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Serves: USA
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: New York
City: Brooklyn
Street: 188 Montague Street
ZIP: 11201
Phone: 888-865-5595
Founded in 1962, the Allen School has trained over 63,000 women and men in the medical field since then. The School distinguishes itself by specializing in training medical professionals only. This is the main reason the Allen School’s graduates are demanded in the medical field.

The Allen Online School offers unique Fast-Track to Success program, which allows students to obtain Certificate in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding in 9 months instead of 15 months as required by other schools. The advantages of the program are numerous and evident:

• Students can study from the comfort of their homes in convenient for them time
• The Fast-Track to Success program allows students to save time and money
• Financial Aid is available for all qualified students
• Students are not required to have any previous medical experience

An interesting peculiarity of the Allen School online program is that it allows students to attend a graduation ceremony for online students. The attendance is optional.

Medical Billing and Coding program is approved and accredited by New York State Department of Education, Council on Occupational Education, and Better Business Bureau Online (BBB Online)

Medical Insurance Billing & Coding associates are in demand. Graduates of the Allen School have an opportunity to choose from a number of varied and interesting workplaces, including working from home. The career possibilities for the graduates of the program include but are not limited to:

• Hospitals
• Clinics
• Doctor’s offices
• Independent Medical Record Contractors
• Work at Home, and more.


Rosemarie Harrington
After going to the Allen School I realized that the world is filled with possibilities . . . The teachers and staff are warm, caring, friendly, helpful and they welcome you with an open heart.

Erica Hutchek
Becoming a professional in the medical field is a dream I’ve always had. If you have a dream like this, you would definitely be making a power move attending the Allen School.

Allen School Online produces a good program with mostly top-notch instructors. I wish I had realized that although there are a lot of job possibilities, they are very limited because there is no "hands on experience" required. The limitation: a lot of opportunities but very low wages to start ($9-$10). Certification may increase possibilities but I'm not convinced. It's costly to take an exam and even with the certification, there is no real life experience. I encourage everyone to be aware that this is a good program, but it's very costly and jobs do not pay a lot. Maybe OK for those with very little job experience.