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Golden Gate University (GGU) was  founded in 1901 with the purpose to meet the needs of working adults. It offers its students undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, information technology, taxation, and law. In this courses the students will have the opportunity to  engage in real-world business situations and will be taught to compete in a volatile marketplace.

Accredited degree programs can be taken through Golden Gate's CyberCampus, which allows students to work and study on their own schedules using the Internet.

Golden Gate University's CyberCampus
Golden Gate University's CyberCampus offers courses which could be taken entirely online. The students will be able to earn full degrees and/or professional certificates, update their skills, or accelerate the completion of degree programs without the inconvenience and expense of commuting to class.

CyberCampus also provides online access for traditional in-person courses. These Web-enhanced courses propose students increased communication, storage for course documents and access to supplemental course material.

In the CyberCampus the students will receive a virtual classroom experience that combines academic rigor with flexibility. Courses consist of sound, relevant educational content, and taught by experts who are well-respected working professionals in their fields. CyberCampus courses are asynchronous, which gives students the opportunity not to be logged in on any particular date and time to complete their coursework.

CyberCampus courses are entirely Web-based. To take these courses you should have  a current Web browser to access and interact in your course. The founders of  CyberCampus believe that a Web-based course platform is the most effective interactive device for distance learning today.

Exams at CyberCampus
Each CyberCampus course contains at least one supervised exam. Exams can be supervised at any GGU campus location or by local librarians, your employer, or other responsible parties.
Golden Gate University includes individual courses, degree programs and professional certificates through CyberCampus that are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Although the web-based format is unique, it involves the same courses as those offered at any Golden Gate University location.
CyberCampus courses are taught by the same faculty and are held to the same rigorous academic standards as courses offered in traditional classroom settings.

GGU programs, policies and plans are reviewed by members of the accrediting agencies as well as educators from peer institutions. Golden Gate is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The School of Law is also accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), the State Bar of California and the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). CyberCampus programs are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


David Hardesty
I graduated with a BA in accounting from Golden Gate University in the late '70s and I can speak from experience about the long term positive effect my GGU education has had on my career. I was hired out of school by Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte), and then went on to become an owner of my own firm. I went back to GGU in the '80s and got my masters in taxation. After 20 years working as a CPA I began writing textbooks on taxation, accounting, and corporate governance, and for that work I have several times been named one of the "Top 100 Most Influential" people in accounting. Now I am teaching advanced courses in taxation in GGU's Graduate School of Taxation. I credit all my successes to my accounting education at GGU, and teaching is my way of repaying the school. Thank you GGU!

Natasha B.
Great school!

Brian Torres
I am nearly finished with my education at GGU. Having already held an AA, I've returned to receive a BBA. In 5 trimesters of full time work, I will have only one in-person class and receive a quality degree and a great education.

While GGU will never be confused with an Ivy League institution, it is a great alternative for working adults. With a full-time job and a child at home, my options were limited. GGU offers many on line courses, strong in-person support if desired and reasonable costs.

I'm very happy with my choice of GGU and it beats the reputation of schools like DeVry and Phoenix by a LONG SHOT. Their taxation program is well-known as being of high quality and I've heard that Cisco hires several business graduates yearly, making it a sort of feeder school to that segment of the Silicon Valley.

If you are organized and driven, a degree through the almost entirely on line cyber campus is a great way to go.

If you cannot be self-motivated and keep yourself your money and find an in-person option, CyberCampus will do nothing to help you in your life.

Programs offered by this school:
Bachelor of Arts in Management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Administration
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
Certificate Program in Database and Technology Management
Certificate Program in Finance
Certificate Program in Information Technology
Certificate Program in Public Administration
Executive Master in Public Administration
Graduate Certificate in Accounting
Graduate Certificate in Estate Planning
Graduate Certificate in Finance
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning
Graduate Certificate in International Taxation
Graduate Certificate in Marketing
Graduate Certificate in Taxation
Master of Business Administration in Accounting
Master of Business Administration in Finance
Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management
Master of Business Administration in Information Technology
Master of Business Administration in International Business
Master of Business Administration in Management
Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Master of Business Administration in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Master of Science in Corporate Finance
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Financial Planning
Master of Science in Human Resources Management
Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications
Master of Science in Investment Management
Master of Science in Marketing
Master of Science in Taxation
Masters Degree in Accounting
Masters Degree in Business Administration