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Private Educational Network (P.E.N.)
Private Educational Network (P.E.N.) courses meet California's Provisional Instruction Permit requirements for students under 18 years of age. Students who successfully complete Driver Education and Drug/Alcohol Awareness with P.E.N. will be issued certificates of completion that are accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a permit. This is the only online home study course conducted by a California DMV licensed Instructor.   

Private Educational Network (P.E.N.) now allows teenagers to learn driving theory from the comfort of home.

P.E.N. issues official Department of Motor Vehicles certificates and is the recognized leader in California for at-home driver education.

Teen Driver Education
Graduates of this home study Driver Education program receive California DMV Driver Education Completion Certificates. Our course materials assist parents in selecting a behind-the-wheel instructor and teaching basic driving skills. Comprehensive testing. Course curriculum is compliant with new DMV guidelines. Course developed and taught by DMV-licensed instructor.

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