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All American Driving School - Nevada
All American Driving School has been in the business of providing driver's education to Nevadans since 1983. It offers a number of Driver Education Classes for teenagers, and also teaches adults and does driving evaluations for people that have had medical problems.

Nevada Driver's Handbook Study Course
This course is an easy way to study for the written driver's examination at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Price: $29.00

  Nevada Driver Education Course
This course is the easy way for teenagers, in the state of Nevada, to take the Driver Education course in order to qualify for a driver license. This course is the minimum course one can take for a driver license. The advantage of this online course is one does not have to travel to a classroom on multiple occasions. Studying may be done before school, after school, or at 2 am.
Price: $129.00

Nevada Traffic Safety School Course
This course is the easiest way to get three demerit points removed from your driving record.
Price: $39.00

Nevada Level One DUI School Course
This is the easy way to complete a court ordered level one DUI course. Be advised this course is only open to people that received their DUI citation in the state of Nevada or residents of Nevada that received their DUI citation in another state and have approval from that other state's court to take a Nevada level one DUI school. Once you enroll and you find out later that you needed a level two or higher, or the out of state court will not accept a Nevada DUI school, you will not be eligible for a refund. It is your responsibility to verify that this is the course for you.
Price: $150.00

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