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An online course for defensive driving, ticket dismissal, insurance discounts and point reduction provides a convenient, cost-effective way for you to complete a traffic safety course from the comfort of your own home. Whether the court has required you to complete this course or you are simply choosing to improve your driving record - we can help.

Dismiss a Ticket – Whether you are taking traffic school to dismiss a ticket or if you need a new driver’s license, our traffic school is court approved in California.

 Reduce Fines And / Or Driving Points – A routine ticket for speeding, failure to yield, or failure to stop at a  stop sign will normally cost you between $75 and $300, depending on your state law and sometimes your driving record. States normally have standard fines for particular violations, based on the type of offense. In speeding cases, the fine can be based on how much you exceeded the posted speed limit. But while paying up may be easy, it can have lasting negative consequences since the violation will appear on your driving record, normally for about three years.

Reduce Auto Insurance – Spend less money on your car insurance by keeping your driving record clean. Ask your insurance company if you can obtain a discount by demonstrating that you have taken our defensive driving course. Keep your insurance rates low!

Improve Your Driving Skills – Even if your state does not allow point or insurance reductions for taking a traffic school course, it is still in your best interest to brush up on your driving skills. You could be saving lives every time you get behind the wheel.

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