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O`Reilly School of Technology

O'Reilly gathers and provides the information needed for innovation and development of the Internet. Programmers and administrators receive the sufficient education highly evaluated in the Information Technology and Systems industry. Online, hands-on courses lead students to Certificates of Professional Development. After the completion of courses students also have a portfolio of completed projects.

Online Certificate Program consists of a wide range of courses:
 - for the complete I.T. beginner:
Linux/Unix Sysadmin I: The Basics of System Administration
Introduction to HTML and CSS
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Introduction to C Programming

 - for the beginner/intermediate student:
Linux/Unix Sysadmin II: Networking and DNS
DBA 1: Introduction to Database Administration
DBA 2: Administering MySQL
Introduction to PHP
Java Programming 1: Introduction to Java and the Eclipse Development Environment
Java Programming 2: The Java Programming Language
JavaScript 1: Client-Side Programming
PHP/SQL 1: Introduction to Database Programming
Learn Unix for Web Programming
C++ Programming 1: Introduction to C++
Perl Programming 1: Beginning Perl
Python Programming 1: Beginning Python
Introduction to XML
Perl Programming 2: Intermediate Perl
Python Programming 2: Getting More Out of Python

 - for the intermediate/advanced student:
Linux/Unix Sysadmin III: Unix Services (including email and web servers)
Linux/Unix Sysadmin IV: Scripting for Administrators, Sed, Awk, and Perl
DBA 3: Creating a Data Warehouse
DBA 4: Analyzing Data
Java Programming 3: Java Programming Foundations
Java Programming 4: Java Application Building
JavaScript 2: AJAX
Perl Programming 3: Advanced Perl
PHP/SQL 2: Relational Theory and Logical Design
PHP/SQL 3: Seamless Web 2.0 Integration

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