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Indiana Wesleyan University
American Civilization after 1865
A survey of intellectual, political, economic, social, aesthetic, legal, ecclesiastical, and international political patterns of American civilization from the Civil War to the present.

Humanities: World Civilization
An intellectual, institutional, and cultural consideration of world civilizations and their development, interaction and significance.

Psychology of Personal Adjustment
This course encompasses a study of stress management and coping skills, the factors that contribute to self-esteem and the maintenance of healthy interpersonal relationships, and the skills required for successful conflict resolution
Psychology of Personality
Basic concepts of personality traits and their measurement.

Principles of Sociology
A study of the nature of social phenomena, fields, and methods of sociology and the social processes involved in the development of human society. (ASGS students must take this as a core class.)

Social Problems
A study of issues in contemporary American society. These issues are examined from a sociological perspective and include crime, poverty, violence, racism, and sexism. (ASGS students must take this as a core class.)

Marriage and Family
An examination of dating patterns, courtship, marriage, and family living, with special emphasis on adjustments and values necessary for healthy marital and family relationships. (ASGS students must take this as a core class.)

Cultural Anthropology
An introduction to cultural anthropology, which seeks to expose students to different cultures of the world as well as help them to appreciate cultural diversity. An excellent orientation course for those who will be working in cross-cultural contexts. (ASGS students must take this as a core class.)

A study of crime and delinquency as social phenomena. Theories of causation, methods of correction, and prevention of crime are included in the study. (ASGS students must take this as a core class.)

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